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Nouveau and Tuba Mouthpieces

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

We’ve been pretty busy lately with the web site and shopping cart relaunch, new invoicing software, shopping for a new CNC, developing the Nouveau blanks, etc., but I wanted to take time to answer some common questions we’ve been receiving lately.

Nouveau Model

Right now we’re only offering a few mouthpieces in the Nouveau blank, but we will eventually offer every model in our newest design.  It won’t be all at once, so please be patient with us.

Tuba Models

You’ll also notice a lack of tuba mouthpieces on the new site. We temporarily removed them as our inventory was really low. We’re also going to make a few modifications to the line before we re-release them. They should go back on sale sometime this summer.

I am excited about getting the new CNC machine set up so we can add to our existing line. Thanks for all the support over the years.  I’m looking forward to continuing to make great mouthpieces for low brass musicians.

We’ve Remodeled

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Things were starting to look a little dated around here, so we decided a new design was in order.  While we were at it, we ditched the Miva shopping cart and moved to Paypal. It will help us reign in some costs as we buy a new CNC and unveil some new models. Plus, Paypal is a better ecommerce solution for a small shop like ours. You can still pay with credit card, but Paypal members have some extra options.

You’ll also notice some new product shots in our gallery. Ron Knaflic has taken some great pics that better show off the leather accessories, in particular. Take a look around and let us know what you think.

Slide Service Up and Running

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Griego Mouthpieces is proud announce that, beginning immediately, we will be offering a trombone slide service.

There is nothing worse for a trombonist than a slide that hinders our creativity and musical growth. If there is one thing Christan has taken away from his decade in the business, it’s the fact that we need more quality technicians taking care of our trombone slides. He’s seen all manner of slide abuse and neglect — and not always by the owner. He only trusts a handul of slide technicians throughout the world, Scott Tomaske being one of them.

Scott joins GSI with over two decades of slide work experience. Overseeing Edwards and Getzen slide production, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge that he feels is best used serving the entire trombone community and not just the Edwards/Getzen lines.

How it Works

First, call (262) 949-1924 to schedule an appointment. After setting up a date and time, you will need to ship your slide to us. Upon receipt, Scott will examine the slide and determine the best course of action, at which time we will contact you before beginning any work. You can expect an honest appraisal of the problem.

Our goal is to provide you with the best slide action possible using your instrument’s original components. If that is not possible, some slide tube replacements are possible for certain brands and models.


Slide Tune Up: $100.00
Shipping $9.00
Total: $109.00

Griego Phones

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

We changed our phone provider today (January 26). The number will remain the same and should be fully functional by Friday at the latest. Thank you for your patience.

(262) 949-1924.

Gold is Coming

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

Just a word to all that a new shipment of gold mouthpieces is on its way back from the platers. Also we are continuing to build our base of silver mouthpieces.

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